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03.02.2010 - 7-Week course   New

2nd 7-Week course begins on Monday February 22nd.

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03.02.2010 - FIL-Change of start time!!!   New

Free Introductory Lectures (FILs) now start at 19:30 instead of 19:00 New time adopted as of Thursday February 4th, 2010.

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19.01.2010 - Free Introductory Lecture  

IMPORTANT: Rescheduled: The Free Introductory Lecture for January 21st, 2010 moved to February 4th, 2010. Sincere apologies for the inconvenience.

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Returning to clarity is about “re-learning” natural, correct, and relaxed vision habits.

Whether you prefer personal attention or enjoy learning in a group atmosphere, we offer a number of educational programs aimed at meeting your needs.

Our goals are to teach you about the Bates Method, show you what is possible, and help you on your journey to rediscovering your natural eyesight. We invite you to attend one of our...


Why attend? You can learn to…

  • SEE CLEARLY both near and far with your own eyes,
  • READ EASILY without stress, strain, and/or fatigue,
  • Experience improved MENTAL CLARITY making your activities easier and more enjoyable,
  • Return to natural 3-DIMENSIONAL VISION,
  • Re-acquire natural DEPTH and SPATIAL perceptions,
  • Improve and develop your CREATIVE IMAGINATION,
  • Initiate positive CHANGES by transforming mental and emotional blocks to clear eyesight,
  • IMPROVE your mental and physical HEALTH by applying natural eyesight training.

We are educators and provide information on how to improve eyesight. There is no diagnosis, no treatment, no prescription, and no determination of function included in this program. Students are advised to consult with their eye doctor to monitor their progress and prescribe weakened lenses when needed.

  • All lectures, weekend seminars, courses, one on one/individual lessons and phone consultation are done by Claude Desroches, trained by Tom Quackenbush.
  • Lectures can be provided in English, German, and French.

Free Introductory Lectures…

You can…

  • Learn about Dr. William H. Bates and his method of natural eyesight improvement,
  • Learn about the 3 principles and 3 habits of natural eyesight improvement,
  • Play games we teach in our programs,
  • Have the opportunity to:
    • Ask questions and receive answers,
    • Join our mailing list,
    • Register for courses and weekend seminars.

Please consult the Schedule for dates, times, and locations.

Lectures are open to the public. There is no need to reserve, however, if you plan to attend, an email is appreciated.

To sponsor a Free Introductory Lecture for your organization, please feel free to Contact us.

7-Week Courses…

In the course you will…

  • Relearn correct and natural vision habits,
  • Learn about Dr. Bates and the facts he discovered about natural eyesight,
  • Learn about Movement, Centralization, and Relaxation (principles),
  • Learn how to Sketch, Breath, and Blink properly (habits),
  • Practice correct vision habits for reading, working at a computer, watching TV, driving, and other activities requiring the use of the eyes,
  • Learn how to do closed eye sunning to rebuild tolerance to light,
  • Study and practice proper daytime and night time vision habits,and
  • Learn palming, about acupressure points and how to apply self-massage to release chronically tense eye, neck, and shoulder muscles.


  • Are usually taught here in Berlin, Wedding. See Contact,
  • Are limited to approximately 10 students per class,
  • Allow for personal attention and students can benefit from group support and group dynamics,
  • Are more enjoyable and effective than individual lessons,
  • Consist of seven 2 hours and 45 minutes classes, once a week,
  • Include support outside of class time, and
  • Offer periodic review classes, at no extra cost.

NOTE: Students with serious challenges (strabismus and/or amblyopia) should consider taking private lessons.

Weekend Seminars

  • Are similar in content to the 7-Week course.
  • Are usually taught here in Berlin, Wedding. See Contact.
  • 2 days: Sat. & Sun. 10:00-18:00

To sponsor a Weekend Seminar in your area, please feel free to Contact us.

One on one/Individual lessons

Contact us during business hours to schedule an appointment.


NOTE: Prices include the German Value Added Tax (VAT) of 19%. Prices are in Euro and per participant.

DescriptionPrice (Euro)
7-Week Course 350,00
Weekend Seminar 300,00
60 minutes one on one 60,00
90 minutes one on one 80,00